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The mission of 11for11 is to create a sustainable shopping experience while generating funds to share with 11 rotating charities.

How does it work?

With each purchase, $11 is donated to 1 of 11 rotating charities, buyer’s choice. Upon delivery of your purchase, you will receive a donation receipt from your chosen charity.


How frequently will the charities be rotated?

Once a quarter. Depending on new submissions, some charities may be considered for additional time.


Where do I submit my charity for consideration in next rotation?


Who founded 11for11?

Shelbi Weeks, one of the owners and operators of Savvy Consignment Boutique. She recognized the abundance of designer items being donated daily and believed there was a way to share the profits of these items amongst additional charities. Thus, 11for11 was created!

Who is Savvy Consignment Boutique?

Savvy Consignment Boutique, an established luxury resale shop in Brandon, FL, has donated clothing and accessories 5-7 days a week to multiple charitable organizations since their very beginning, in 2006. Organizations include ECHO, Hospice, and St. Jude's. Because of the volume at which they receive their consignment intake, they must choose a charity they support, and one that has the manpower to pick-up at a minimum of 5 days a week. There are only a handful of charities that accept clothing as an acceptable form of donation, in which they can resell in their retail location to earn the funds to support their cause. By designing an online platform such as 11for11 to resell these donations, we have the ability to donate funds to more than one charity at a time, without the overhead of a physical retail location.


Shop, donate, and share with us!

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